Error when cancel button is clicked

Hi, I have a default cancel button to a popup that allows users to change the value of quantity. The quantity has validation errors that appear when the item is saved. (Instance below). However, when I click cancel, the error pops up again (See last image). How do I remove the error? I wish to cancel all changes, so validation rules won’t be checked. Thanks guys!   Save Button Microflow:     cancel button microflow:
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Page-level validation has been triggered on default cancel button.

As Steffy mentioned, add the validations in microflow


If the validation needs to be in page-level then

Add a microflow for cancel button and in microflow settings, set Abort on Validation errors as NO as shown below

Hope it helps!!!


Hi Phoebe,


You would have added field level validation message in your widgets which is there in the page. Remove the validation from page level and add it in microflow which should get triggered on click of Save button.

Once the above is fixed, validation message wont get triggered on click of cancel button