Micflow cant be access used on pges which is accessible offline

Getting error while trying to call Micro flow  or Workflow. Microflows cannot be used on pages that are accessible through offline profile. How to solve this ? 
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You can’t call microflows directly from an offline page. However, there is some guidance on what to do in the documentation...

Microflows can be called from offline apps by using microflow call action in your nanoflows to perform logic on the server. However, it works a bit different from when used in online profiles, these differences are explained below:

Microflow Arguments Type

  • Passing an object or a list of a persistable entity is not supported
  • Passing an object or a list of a non-persistable entity that has an association with a persistable entity is not supported (such an association can be an indirect association)
  • Passing a non-persistable entity that was created in another microflow is not supported for Mendix Studio Pro v9.7 and below.

If you need to execute a microflow with a persistable object as parameter, you can define a before/after commit event handler on the desired persistable entity. When you create and commit an instance of this entity in the client and perform synchronization, the configured event handler(s) will run.




Hi Praveen,


As stated in mendix guides Microflows are processed in Back-End/Server side. 

You may not call a Microflow when you are Offline.


You should tray to convert your Microflow in a NanoFlow!  NanoFlows can run in client side.


Best regarts