How to capture list of objects data in pluggable web widget?

Hi there I have requirement where I need to pass list of objects (or entity) as an input to the widget and then capture the attribute values of these objects in my pluggable web widget (Javascript). I can capture GUID’s but I want to capture the data highlighted in below screenshot.   XML definition for the widget.    Code for logging data in the browser console   Thanks    
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Even though the function is called the same, Nathan is showing the Client API documentation here. The question is I think about the Pluggable widget API. In the Pluggable Widget API you can do something like props.attributeName.get(ObjectItem).value

The object item is the Mendix object retrieved from the datasource via the Pluggable Widget API. The props.attributeName is an attribute which should be configured as an attribute of the datasource object in the widget XML. 

There are many new widgets using this type of code. See for instance my Google Maps widgets, Google Maps Polygon (React) or Google Maps Custom Marker (React) both available in the Marketplace and code on GitHub