Add a new line to a Cell in a Data Grid.

Hello, The text in data grid which is an input from another widget(i.e. textbox after Saving to memory) doesn’t add “New Lines ” on pressing Enter Key rather concatenates it with the same line. Wrapping is enabled but doesn’t show new lines! Here is the Problem: Properties of Textbox:   Properties of the Grid Column from the Data Grid:   Here is the Data Grid which takes Input from the TextBox after Saving to memory:     This is the Input to the text box I am trying to give: This is What I am trying to achieve:   This is What I am Getting: I tried fiddling with the styling and HTML, but cannot seem to find the Solution! Any help would be greatly Appreciated.   Regards, AbdulRahman H.    
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Hi AbdulRahman,

Whenever it comes to styling a gridview, I find that it always saves time to start with a listview instead of a datagrid.  Listview is designed to help make your grids look however you want and with the default Atlas classes (e.g. listview-stylingless) can easily be made to look just like a datagrid, just much easier to style.


Hope this helps


Danny Kumpf