Questions about custom pluggable widget

Hello people. I am trying to develop a widget which show a map with lines to delimit the area of the owners of each land. With Build a Pluggable Widget for me it´s not clear if I need entities in my domain model with attributes to relate them later with the properties in the .xml file (I work with Visual Studio Code as the course said). Other question it´s if with only the API call property and using an API key for the Google Maps API my widget could work, applying it later the lines. If this could be a solution I can´t find how to implement it in Pluggable Widget Property Types ( Last but no least, could I use the github code that mendix have uploaded about maps and use it as skeleton of my own code? Thanks for your time!!  
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If you want to show areas you probably want to draw polygons? If you want to use the Google Maps API, be sure to check out my Google Maps Polygon (React) widget which can plot both lines as well as polygons. 

I have built a fully configured test project for it as well, search on ‘Google Maps Polygon’ in the Marketplace. I can’t seem to be adding the direct hyperlinks here at the moment..