remove message after some time

I am using show message activity to show message but i want to remove it after some seconds like 5 sec automatically without click on OK button. So is there any method to remove or hide it?
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shubham pathak 

on the same page where you want to show your show message widget place a microflow timer widget (Available on marketplace)  inside any data container

in microflow timer widget select a nanoflow (newly created) in second picture and configure settings



then go to your newly creted nanoflow  call a javascript action (create new one)

now go to js action and open it and click on code tab

write a code in like picture below   [target show message activity close button by its class and just click]


Note: microflow timer widget interval(in behaviour tab) will be time of hide the show message activity

I hope it will help you


You can display the message in a popup page and make a microflow thats triggered when you open the page that closes said page after x seconds, using the delay activity java action in a microflow or the .Microflow Timer on your page.