Pushpin button

How to create a pin button with functionality to pin documents or a record in a list, like the one that is there in the card below(bottom right).        
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Hey there,

I have a concept for you that might help you underway:

  1. Add a boolean to the entity to define whether it is pinned or not
    1. If the pinning is user dependent, you will have to do this through an extra entity that lies between the user and the object in question combined with a dataview (datasource = microflow)
  2. Add an link button with the icon the the card and add some css to make it stick to the bottom right:
  3. .card-custom{ //this is your container
      position: relative;
        .sticky-link{ //this is your link button
          position: absolute;
          right: 5;
          bottom: 5;


It might need some trial and error with the values etc, but this should help you on the way