Search Dropdown - Data grid - sourced with Xpath constraint

Hi team, hope you are doing good and keeping safe. I am facing a weird issue with the search dropdown which is sourced by a reference in the data grid is not pulling all the records. In one scenario we have more than 2k records but it pulls only 1000 records. can  you please let me know whether any count limit is there for the dropdown search filter in a data grid.   thankss 
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There used to be a hard limit of 1000 within the platform. I believe this was removed starting from Mx 7.11

Are you sure there is no xpath on entity acces level which restrains the user from seeing everything?

FYI, showing 2k records in a search drop-down might not be the best UI. Maybe think of constraining the data anyway? Or make it an input search field?

Hope this helps!


Hi Maarten,

thanks a lot for your response.

this application was first developed in 6th version and then upgraded to 7.14 to 7.23.15.

As you suggested I have checked the release notes of 7.11 where the count issue has been resolved. But in the connection(log – trace) query, I can see the following logs for the reference filter in Datagrid.

Incoming client request: {"action":"retrieve_by_xpath","params":{"xpath":"//Main.Reference","schema":{"attributes":["refNameDisplay"],"offset":0,"sort":[["refNameDisplay","asc"]],"amount":1000,"distinct":true},"count":true}}

this happens for all the reference based search filters. user has read access to all association tables. 

Can you please tell me whether I need to configure something to increase the limit or am missing anything here? 


Hi Marten,


Mendix 7 is having this problem, please find below doc statements:.

The number of drop-down selection options is capped at 1,000. Therefore, no more than 1,000 unique values of a selected attribute can be selectable. This limit has been set to protect page loading performance on older browsers when these options need to be retrieved from the server. In Mendix 8 this limit has been removed.