Update Marketplace widgets

Hi,   After I upgraded my project from Mx8 to Mx9 and wanted to update the widgets in my project, I fond that some widgets have been moved to an appstore module called “Native Mobile Resources”.   How can I update these widgets? How can I see if I am using the latest versions? Downloading the latest version of the module into my project does not change anything on the Update widgets screen:  
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Hi Elco,


Some of the widgets are not support for the mendix native but it will support for the web application so you need to download as per native supportable widget.

For EX: In Web we have Rich text editor to sanitize the text in native we need to use Native Viewer like that.



Hi Elco,

I think you should donload the native mobile resources and then replace the widgets you are using now, by the version of the widget that is included into this module. Then you can update them and see that you are using the latest version.

Hope this helps!