Greyed Out Checkbox Widget

Hello, I have this grid of checkboxes that are supposed to be selectable. When I run the app they are greyed out and cannot be selected. They are within a dataview that is connected to an entity with full read-write permissions and withins properties the “editable” setting is set to default. Does anyone have any recommendations as to why this may be happening?   Secondly, the grid is manual for right now but in the future I would like it to be automatically generated. The y-axis contains individual topics that are each their own entity and have a date attribute. The date information is entered above. I would like to figure out a way to automatically generate a similar grid based on the entered date information. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 
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Hi Ashley,

There are might be two reason:

  1. Your data-view its is not editable check the data-view editability in data-view widget property.
  2. The object used in the data-view itself is empty

If you want to generate the rows dynamically then you have to create domain model accordingly with associated entities something like you can create column entity as separate entity  and row as separate entity and have association between them.