What is the difference between Native Widget Feedback and Sprintr Feedback Widget?

Hi colleagues,   I would like to the difference between the two.  I recently upgraded the feedback widget from marketplace and it seems it is only the sprintr that was upgraded if i base on date modified.  Is it okay to say that it is now upgraded though only one of them was updated? They have different versions too if i base on package.xml when i extracted them.   Thanks much!
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Hi John,


Sprintr Feedback widget can be used with Mendix apps.  When user submits feedback , this widget automatically provides some information such as the username, role, active form, browser version, and screen resolution.


The above widget can’t be used with native mobile apps because some information like user and document details will be hard coded. So for native apps, you can use Native feedback widget.


For an Sprintr Feedback widget update – You already did.


For Native feedback widget update, try updating Native Mobile resources module.