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Hi Community member,   I want to restrict image file and few file format , I tried  few methods but it’s  not restricting image/documents.   For image : .png;.jpg;.jpeg; I tried the image extension for documents same I followed : .pdf;.csv;.doc;   Thanks in advance. 
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Hi Neil,

You can restrict the image and file type  by using extension and mime type 
You have to remove the (.)For example : png;jpg;jpeg; Unknowingly you have added the  dot .
After removing that you can restrict image to show only (png, jpg,jpeg)format

In file dropper widget you can add the mime type to restrict the file type and image as well.

For Reference


application/pdf, application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document ,application/msword

By using this mime type you can allow pdf and word document 

I hope it helps.


Hi Neil,

In the file uploader widget, there is an attribute called Allowed extensions where you can define what extensions can be uploaded


Hope this helps!


Hi Neil Waugh,


You can add the access extensions in Mime types filed in File dropper.

In File manager : You can add the Allowed extensions what are the extensions that you need to add.