Default sorting order in data grid 2

Hey,   Is there a way to change the default sorting order in a datagrid 2.  As a example: I have a datagrid 2 filled with contents and one attribute priority is filled with the ENUMs ‘High’, ‘Medium’ and ‘Low’. Now when i sort with the arrow in the column the datagrid will show me ascending up High →  Low→ Medium. Now my question: Is there a way to change alphabetical sorting in the column, as I want it to display High → Medium → Low.    I tried messing around with the dynamic text and adding like an ‘a’ infront of High and ‘b’ infront of Medium but no luck so far.    
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Hi Niklas,


Not a perfect solution, but you could either change the enum to be (1,2,,3) for (low,medium,high), then sort the data source descending, and then use visibility rules in the ‘custom content’ of the column to set the text of the user.

Or could persist a int value along side the high/medium/low enum. This would require you maintain 2 values when changing the status but would give the same result.

Or, change your data source to a microflow, make 3 retrievals based on the enum set, and then use the Union list operation to create a new list based on the 3 retrievals.

Hope this somewhat helps