Calendar Issues

Hello! I am attempting to put an automatically filled calendar into my applications, and I am having trouble setting it up. I was able to get individual calendar items to show up, but when I try to make all the items show up at once, none of them show up. I put what is happening in my app below, so if anyone could help me solve my problem, or possibly point me towards an example solution of a similar setup, I would really appreciate it!   This microflow retrieves the information that I am attempting to show in the calendar. I make a new object of entity ‘schedule,’ that holds this informaiton. I return the new schedule object.     This microflow calls the above microflow and takes in the newly created schedule object. I also create a list here that I then add the schedule object into. I return this list.   The above microflow is the data source for the list view that holds my calendar. Right now, the calendar has a loading bar that just goes on infinetly when I view it. Any suggestions?  
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How is the calender widget configured? Are you using a microflow to get the events? You could consider using the data source : “Database” and then retrieve the schedule objects.