Nested ListView with Association Datasource not visible

Hello, I am attempting to create a list view that is nested within an entity called “site” . However, when I nest the listview within the entity it is no longer visible when the app is run locally. There are multiple “site” objects within the app and almost everything within the app is specific to these individual “site” objects, so the listview must be nested.  The visibility property is set to default. I have tried it two different ways and haven’t had much success. I have included images. Any advice would be much appreciated.   
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in your screenshot attached in question there is green color left of the table / grid show that your visiblity condition is not default (there is some condition applying so that time this green color appear on the page) so please check it and make it correct 




updated screenshot:


Listview visibility:


Table Visibility:


Table Properties pane:


ListView Properties pane:




Hi Ashley,

I don’t know if you had solved your problem but anyway,

When you in need to use nested views you make sure that you are passing the object to the data view, so in your case make sure that you are passing the Site object to the data view throughout a microflow (it’s clearly that you did pass the Site object but how ? if you may show it to us)

you only need few steps for that:
1- build an overview of you Site entity
2- add a button that will call a microflow to the Site overview

3- Build your microflow just to pass the object to the Nested views page

4- Build your Nested view page

5- Add the association to the list view

and that should do the trick for you, when you click the button it will pass the Site object an get you the list of data associated with it.

I hope that helped you.


Hi Ashley Kimbel,


Make sure the agendas are linked with the site. How do you capture the agendas? By allowing users to create it?. If that is how, make sure your new/edit page has a reference selector to allow selecting the site it belongs to.