After switching tab, data view not refreshed

Hi, I have a page in which I have two tabs. Each tab displayed the same data (I have a constraint on the date to displayed the previous games in the second tab) Structure of the page:   When I open the page, the data is displayed depending on the selection in the list on the left:   After I switch to the second tab, and then back to the first one, the data is not displayed properly anymore on the first tab:   Seems like there is an issue with the refresh of the data. Any idea what could be the issue here ?   Thanks Vincent
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Hi Vincent,


use a javascript snippet where in the first tab or second tab which one wants to refresh needs to have a button but you don't want to click that button based on the going to next page the previous page needs to loaded add a class to the button in the previous page and it needs to be clicked when you are moving to next page.



Hello Vincent,


Open the snippet and then edit the properties of the snippet

In Entity field, choose “Match”


The Upcoming tab’s list view has this xpath:

[StartDateTime >= '[%BeginOfCurrentDay%]']


And the Past tab’s data list view has this xpath:
[StartDateTime < '[%BeginOfCurrentDay%]']


You can also try and set the Refresh on show to “Yes”