Autocomplete widget not triggering progress bar on selection

I am using the AutoComplete widget in order to be able to search and select a particular item from a dropdown list. On selection, a OnChange microflow is triggered that retrieves data via REST. The REST calls takes a while and therefore I want to add a blocking progress bar. Even though I configured the AutoComplete widget to show the progress bar, it is not getting triggered. Anyone has experience using this widget and this particular issue ? Thanks...
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Hi Harry,

I know its a late answer but might be helpfull for the people who is searching about this situation. For the Blocking Progrees Bar you can call your microflow in a nanoflow between ‘show progress’ and ‘hide progress’ tools then call the nanoflow in OnChange. Because there are no tools for progress bar in microflow, you should make it in nanoflow for now. In first try it didnt trigger microflow for me too. After I checked the parameters that nanoflow gave me 1 of the parameters was unnecessary and blocking the microflow, just deleting this parameter worked for me.

Have a good day