How to pass object in new page with the help of button

Hello, I am following the learning path to learn more about domain model. I am stuck at one lesson where I show a page with button. I am getting an error on button and it says selected page expects the object of type TEAM which is not available here.  How should I pass team to new page with this button? Pleas efind the ss below
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In Add button properties, ‘On click’ event select the “Create object” option and include the pass team entity to new page with this button.


Otherwise, select the “Call the microflow”, In microflow you will get the currect object of team entity as a parameter then you proceed furtherly.


Hi Harsh,
ERROR: Selected page expects the object of type TEAM which is not available here.
This comes when there is a data view of TEAM object in the page and you are not passing that expected TEAM object from that add button.
To resolve that issue please follow these steps:

  1. You can right click on add button and select properties.
  2. There under Events change the on click action to call a microflow. Go to that microflow and add an activity create object.
  3. There you can select TEAM entity. Select ok and add show page activity next to it. Select the desired page to be shown and from drop down of object to pass select the new team object created.