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Hi, Do we have any alternatives in Data Grid 2 widget for ‘Select and maintain’ and ‘Double Click’ as shown in the Data Grid.   
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Hi Rukmini Ramachandran,

We've made double click action on a row in DataGrid 2 possible to replicate Double click from DataGrid in the following way:

- set all columns in Datagrid 2 to “custom content”

- use this widget (, “Double Click trigger”) for double click action in every column as a shell for your data in that column


Now when a user double clicks a row in the Datagrid 2 you can start an action (call microflow, nanoflow, open page etc.). 


Don't forget to not use onclick action in the Datagrid 2. 


It looks something like this:



Lourens Akkerman's solution is a very good start but did not completely solve the problem by itself (thank you btw, you helped me solve the problem!).

If you only use the widget, the double-click action will only be applied to the text itself. So it does not work with clicking on the row, you will have to click right on the text.

I have solved it by adding custom CSS to make the doubleclick-widget fill out the whole cell. For this you have to set the padding of the parent element of doubleclick widget to 0. Then you have to set the desired padding on the doubleclick widget and make it fill out the whole cell.


In my case it looked like this:

.custom-table-class {

    .td.align-column-left {
        padding: 0;

        .widget-doubleclick-clickable {
            padding: 15px 14px 15px;
            height: 100%;
            width: 100%;




Since it gets rid of the padding of all the cells, you have to manually adjust the padding for other cells again, which do no have the doubleclick widget.


Hope it helps!


hii Rukmini Ramachandran,

there is no any alternate  in Data Grid 2 widget for ‘Select and maintain’ and ‘Double Click’ .



Sanjay Kushwah