Centering tab indicator

Hello, I want to make the tab indicator is centered like the text. How do I achieve this?
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Hi Wahyu Dimas,

Please Use this Properties as below mentioned and add the classname as tab-lined-custom and in the > .mx-tabcontainer-tabs > a, > .mx-tabcontainer-tabs > a:hover, > .mx-tabcontainer-tabs > a:focus {

  1. border: 0;
  2. border-bottom:


     solid #6900ef;
  3. background-color: transparent;
  4. letter-spacing: 0.02em;
  5. font-size: 13px;



hope this information helps,

if you want to align the tabs to right left or center you can choose it in the tab position or if the above code not works try to add the width for the tabname it will fix for sure.


hope this helps.