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Hello everyone, I want to use microflow to change the button properties, please ask how to achieve
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Maybe if you are thinking in a way of changing button properties for example background color use an enum attribute where you have 3 or 4 options and use dynamic classes which you can see in the appearance tab of a button where you can set the enum value in a microflow and there you can change the button properties using a microflow.


hope this information helps.


Hi mate,

what kind of properties you want to change?

if you want to change the color and size etc, then it can easily be achieved through nanoflow. but if you want to use a microflow instead then you have to implement a logic that,


Apply a change object activity in the microflow that is linked to the button. and on the change of the object based on properties 

you will have to apply a conditional visibility on the button(that you want to change the property of) , and that visibility should change on the base of object.


Wrap the button in a container, add classes to the container’s property ‘Dynamic classes’ depending on some available value like this:

And in your styling-scss files (main or custom) add classes ‘buttonbgred’, ‘buttonbgyellow’ and ‘buttonbggreen’ as you like.

    background-color: red;
} etc..



you can achieve this in 2 ways – 
      1. dynamic classes – its already been discussed above. 

  1. Use CSS Loader widget – u can configure various styles in css, based on the microflow, particular CSS will be loaded.