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Hi Is there anyway we can check the java code implemented for different widgets. Like I want to create a widget by taking reference of another widget. I don’t know where to start. So is it possible to check the code behind a widget say data grid or data grid2? I saw in eclipse but they are in mpk format. Thanks in advance.
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Widgets will be created only by React code, it is not possible by using java code.

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Yes, you can.

Widgets are written with JavaScript to run on the client side, modules are written in Java to run on the server side.

Widgets are distributed in .mpk files. This is really just a zip file, so your favourite zip utility will be able to break this up into individual files for you to explore and view with your favourite text editor or IDE.

Widgets come in several types. Firstly you have native widgets.

Then you have pluggable web widgets that are based on React

Finally, you have the older custom web widgets that are based on Dojo. It’s not recommended to use this method now as it’s deprecated in favour of React.

One alternative to using widgets is to use a JavaScript action that can be built and used directly in Studio Pro without having to create an mpk file.

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Hi Rohith,

You can unwrap the widgets using the brackets ide or visual studio code ide where you can see the widgets are designed by React and jQuery after unwrapping or unzipping the code you will see the .js,.jsx,.scss extension files if you want you can modify the widgets aswell.

Follow the link provided by @sankar for further references.


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React or native widgets are written in react and then wrapped into mpk file using mendix commandline.

before wrapping these are minified so its not ideal to try and regenerate the widget from there.

Usually u will find the git repository link in most of the widgets.

other wise i would suggest you to contact the developer who built the widget.