Importing External Libraries for HTML/JavaScript Snippet

Hi all, Wondering if there is a way to import and use external libraries in the HTML/Javascript Snippet? I’ve been looking for examples on this but have not found any luck. Any help would be appreciated!
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Hi Fujii,

Yes,You can import the third party libraries into your application as you need to get the cdn links of the particular library which you want to use in the application with the help of a <script> tag in the index.html file of your application you can find this index.html file in the theme>web folder of your application in explorer.


like other react frameworks u can import the library in the index.html as this page will be loaded all the time.

If you want to load a package or custom code you can do so by putting in in the resources folder and then importing it in index.html again.


Hi Taisei,


Can you try this widget Mendix Marketplace - Script Loader.