Datagrid 2 select all

Within our project we want to use a select all function in data grid 2.  We want to select some rows and than we want to do some actions in a microflow. However, this option is not supported out-of-the-box at this time. Will there be this functionality in 1 of the next releases of the data grid 2?   If not what is the best solution of a select all function in datagrid 2.
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u can implement it though its a bit complex

take a top level wrapper object [NPE with a boolean attr]dataview and put  the data grid2 into that.

now pass this object to the microflow which gets the data for datagrid 2 .

create low lever wrapper object[againNPE with a boolean attr] for each row and link then to the objects .

link the low level wrappers to toplevel wrapper.

use the boolean to render the check boxes for each row..

use top level boolean to control the select all.

now if a action is triggered u can pass the top level wrapper there and fetch all the objects[low level wrapper] which have checkbox ticked and from them get all the actual objects u want to process.



now if some