Pass selected object to secondary grid from main grid

Dears, would you please guide me how to pass the selected object from the main grid to a secondary detail grid ?
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Hello Dongsheng Xu,

You can achieve that but that’s not a straight forward solution.

What you can do is,

  1. Create a non persistant entity associated with your main entity.
  2. Add an action button to the main data grid and from that call a microflow which will get the parameter of the selected object.
  3. Now create the helper entity object and set the association with the selected object and pass to a pop up page where u would like to view the detailed data grid.
  4. In the pop up page add a data view of the helper entity as page parameter, again add the data grid, but now set data source as microflow and retrieve from the helper entity association and return the list.

Hope it helps you.



In second page you can add a dataview that receives this object and then place a grid, use xpath as datasource
and give [id='[%CurrentObject%]'].
Also check the button properties there we can set a button to be used default.

Thank You



In first data grid u can put a edit button and then on that edit button call the second page have a data view with page parameter .

this data view will automatically get this data view object which u can use to display result.


If you want to pass multiple objects in the second grid use a microflow action button and accept the objects in a list .

once you have these objects link then to some dummy NPE and pass the NPE to new page where accept it the data view of type param

in that data view put a data grid and populate it from the associations.