Reference Selector dropdown is out of window in Tablet resolution.

Im working on mendix app where there is one reference selector at the bottom of the page. Im making this page for screen 1280*720 screen size. But the reference selector dropdown is getting displayed out of the screen size. Please refer the attached image.   Tried writting media queries for displaying the dropdown above the reference selector but still no success.    Please help to solve this. Thanks In Advance!
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I would recommend to test in required device instead responsive browser to see if this is happening before investing effort on it


Hi Shubam,

Based upon your requirement I too tried on that while selecting a particular resolution to check the responsiveness in the desktop browser itself it is behaving as you mentioned.

Can you try out once by changing the display settings of your desktop to 1280*720 in the settings->display resolution option you will not get that type of overflow as the dropdown adjusts as per the properties of device.

I had checked with StackOverflow aswell there to mentioned the same thing you can have a look on it aswell.

the below one is the link for it

hope this helps.