Lastest chart widget - suppresses JSON modifications?

Hi Community, Does anyone know if Mendix has restricted the JSON customization pass-throughs that the older Charts widgets had? I have made a stacked column chart with three series. The first two are of type bar, the third should be of type line. When I set the widget to enable developer mode, I get the toggle editor button, and in it I can edit the custom JSON for series 3 to {“type”:”line”} and it works. However, when I pass this same JSON through on series 3 in its Advance tab it will not come up in the chart. Somehow it looks like Mendix isn’t passing it through. Same is the case for the “hoverinfo” where in the past we could set any of the combinations mentioned in the plotly javascript reference.  The only way I can now get hoverinfo text is to use the new tooltip hover text function. Has anyone seen the same with the basic charts? I don’t want to move to the Anychart yet, adds too much complexity while I am prototyping the UI with the end users. The old charts widget did work fine.
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The mystery has been resolved by Mendix support.

The trick seems to be that in the new Charts widget one needs to set the “Enable developer mode” to No.

Once one does this, the JSON plotly modifications in the series are indeed sent to the widget and I was able to convert my dummy series 3 from a column (or vertical bar) to a line.

Here’s how it looks in Studio Pro 9.17.1