How to get only one checkbox marked

App contains different choices within a listview of which the user is allowed to only pick one. How to create a logic to uncheck a marked checkbox when another checkbox gets marked?  The checkmark has an on-change microflow using a helper with a boolean attribute. I tried to do this through using a decision but that’s where I get stuck since marking a checkbox will turn the boolean true so checking within the decision for true and then flipping it won’t work cause that will always be the case and will uncheck even 1 checked checkbox. 
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Hi Sepideh,


I'd assume that in your current setup, you only have the current object (the selected object from the list) in the scope of your OCh microflow.


Try to retrieve the entire list of objects displayed in the listview in your OCh Microflow.

Then, you can change the $Selected values of the entire list to False, and change the value of your current object to True

Something like this:

Note: Since you only have 1 selected object at a time, you could improve this retrieve by only retrieving Objects which have the boolean Selected set to true.

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    feras kamel

    4 minutes ago

    Hi Sepideh, I would add a retrieve for all true value's as the first action in the OCH-microflow and count directly after it, and here you can add a decision if the count is one then everything is good if it is more than one you have to change the Boolean to false for all retrieved objects in a loop.