Want to clear the frist tab data when we switch 2nd Tab

  Hi Experts,   I used Tab Container on my page, I took three tabs, data, image, and video. My problem is When clicking on the 1st tab and giving some input but I won't save that data, and I switch to another tab, but when I came to the 1st tab the information is there.  I want to clear that data when we came to 1st tab   Any suggestions or any tips  Thank you in Advance      
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Hi Shaikh,

You can impliment it,

first make a NPE, and keep its attribute as Enum(Based on the name of tabs).

but, you have to remove the tab containers and replace it with buttons, and the dataview you implimented make it a snippet.

Now add a dataview on the page, and its source should be a microflow, which creates the NPE object,  and  place the buttons in the data view, 

Now, on the  click of the every button, just call a nanoflow, which sets the Enum as your tab name, and now just call the snippets in a container(Inside the dataview) below the buttons. Now, apply a visibility rule on the container according to the enum set by the buttons. 

And apply a CSS on the buttons to make it look like a tab.

And your work is done

Hope it helps!