List Filter that can call a microflow to filter the list

Is there any widget that can filter a list using a microflow?
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So Rohith,

First you have to make a NPE you can name it whatever you want(eg. filter). And its attribute can be the thing on base of which you want to filter the data(eg TeacherName).
Now on the page where the list view is, put a data view with the data source is set to microflow(eg. Act_GetFilter) In the microflow, apply a create activity which creates the NPE object (Don't forger to return it).

Now in the data view just put a text box with it's attribute set to the TeacherName (attribute of NPE). Now in the text box apply an on change event to call a microflow, (eg. Act_RefreshFilter) In the Microflow apply a change activity, and refresh the NPE.

Now, Put your list view just underneath the text box, inside the data view. 
Now set the data source of the list view to microflow 
(eg. Act_GetTeacherData). In the microflow, you will get the parameter of the NPE object. Now add a retrieve activity to your microflow and retrieve all the teahers from the database. Once the Teachers list is retrieved, apply a list operation activity and set the operation to filter.
Set the filter in such a way that it filters the data on the base of $NPE/TeacherName). and then return the filtered list.


Just follow each step carefully. and it will be very easy. If something gets wrong, just let me know.




We have a widgets for filtering a list view without using any microflow which is  available in the marketplace name of "List view operations".

If you want to filtering a data using a microflow  you can do with custom logic using tex box and microflow. 


Hey Rohith,

Here’s the link for Anysearch


You can download and import it in your application. If there’s any problem, just let me know.!

Hope it helps!


great idea