Not able to set default Sort Order for Data Grid 2?

Hi Reader   I have an entity Questionnaire from which I am displaying the Questionnaire list using Data Grid 2. There is a feature of moving question up and down using up/down buttons, which are calling microflows for updating question number to move the question up or down.  The microflow is successfully changing the question numbers, however I am not able to set default sort behaviour on question number. Is there any we can apply default records sorting for the Data Grid 2??
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Hi Tushar,

Sorting of data totally depends on your data source,

if you are using microflow, after  the retrieve activity, you can use a list operation to sort the list and then populate the data grid 2, but on the 

If you are populating the data from the database , you can refer to the image below, there’s a sort functionality present already .



Hope it helps!



In DataGrid 2 sort order is available under Data source, but only if the source is either Database or XPath,