Responsive Deeplink depending on device

Hi, i’m currently working on an application where a person should be able to fill out a form and save as a draft, which then gets emailed to them as a Deeplink which when opened will retrieve their draft application and allow them to continue working, However they can fill out the form on either mobile or desktop, each of which use a different page. The problem is that the link that gets emailed to the user calls a microflow that will open up the desktop version of the page only, when i want mobile users to be able to open the link and be taken to the mobile view  Is there any easy way to check what device a user is on, or any way to have a Deeplink be responsive to the device it is opened on?
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Hi Nathan,

If you are using navigation profiles, you can use the $currentDeviceType variable in a microflow.
Easiest would be to put the variable in a Decision, wherafter you customize the flow such as showing a different page.