Autocomplete & Multiselect : How to make multiple filters work ?

Hello, I and my team are new to Mendix and we would need some help on how to set up a basic search system. We use the Autocomplete & Multiselect module. First, we would like to understand the logic for running two autocomplete filters on the same results array. Second, we would like to know how to configure the Multiselect functionality. Here is our simple example : - An entity “Entity” and an “EntityType” linked to an entity - An “Option” entity to store the filter option with the attributes : OptionName, the content of the option and OptionType to differentiate the filters - Use of Data grid 2 container to display a data table   We want to be able to search on the name of the entity and on its type. For the moment, the filters work separately.   Our setup : - Implementation of two autocomplete, each in a Data view that calls a microflow. This microflow creates the Option by setting OptionType to "Name" or "Type", depending on the type of filter - Event - On change action : we call another microflow which takes as an Option parameter, the backup, calls the microflow responsible for the filter which returns the list of filtered entities and commit the list (Refresh in client to Yes) - Filtering : in the filter microflow, depending on the type of filter, if the option is empty we return the entire entity list, otherwise we filter the list with Xpath in the Retrieve object and we send it back. This microflow is also the data source of our data grid 2.   Do you think this is the right way to do it and what to change to make the filters work together? And what to modify to make the filters work in multiselect?   Thank you in advance for your help !  
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