Dynamic Titles in listview or template grid?

I have a list of items containing time in hours and minutes, I need to show the items with headings as shown below 6:00   =>  6:20AM, 6:30AM, 6:40AM, 6:50AM 7:00   =>  7:20AM, 7:30AM, 7:40AM as you can see I have seven items in list having different time values, I want to generate headers 6:00 and 7:00 is there any workaround to achieve this?
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My approach would be to:

  • add a non-persistant entity (say ‘ListPerHour’) with one single datetime-attribute ‘hour’;
  • for your list-entity, create an OnChange-event:
    • Calculate the hour by trimToHours($YourObject/Time)
    • call a microflow you create ‘RetrieveOrCreate_ListPerHour’ for that hour
    • Associate your object with the ListPerHour-object

Then on your page wrap your ListView in another ListView having ListPerHour as datasource. Make your ListView have as datasource ‘over association’.


Hi Waleed,

You can also try adding text widget with parameter as expression, then you can check with some functions whether its 6 or 7 and display respectively.


Hi waleed,

What i understood is, you want to show either

6:00 or 7:00, 

If this is what you want, you can achieve this through microflow.

Just aet the data source of the List view to microflow and retrieve the data you want to show and then place a decision box which checks the time and then apply a change event which changes the time.


If i got your question wrong, than please statement again. So that i can help.

Hope it helps!




You can try with the dateTime and String functions to seperate the hours from the list and keep the common hour values respectively.