Display the name of a file during upload

I am trying to display the name of a file that is uploaded as soon as I upload it using the file manager widget.  I find that I cannot do this unless I save the file first (press the save button on a page) and reopen the page, then the name will appear.  I’ve tried to use a microflow timer to run a microflow to commit the file object, but even after I commit it ,  it is showing that the file has no contents.  I have even tried using the file dropper widget but have experienced too many inconsistencies/error messages using it.  Is this a possibility in Mendix?
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Hi Monique,


Per default Mendix does not store your file in the contents attribute. Mendix stores files on the File server of the application server that runs your application.


Since uploading a file is a browser (client) activity you need to wait untill the uploading is done, before you can pull the FileName attribute from the File Entity. So If you really want to accoimplish what you want, you need to download and install HTML/javascript snippet in order to write your own HTML /javascript.


Hope this will help,