Selection of value from the list of list.

Hi All, I want to populate and select (a Value from) list and inside some list, it is another list, and so on up to n level. How I can implement it in Mendix? PFA   Thank you in Advance, Best Regards, Ankit.
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Hi Ankit,

You can achieve this by using multiple drop downs, which get the data from microflow, and set the object of the first drop down as a parameter in the selectable object microflow of second drop down, this way you can easily retrieve and populate data as many level as you want.

Hope it helps!



Lets take a case like yours’


I have a lits of country, when i select that, States should populate and when i select the state, cities should populate.

For this, first add an NPE which should have an association with every other entity.

And it will work as a parent data view, Now lets see how..

Now Go to the page where you want to populate the reffrence selectors..

Place a dataview and set it’s source to the microflow and in microfow, add a create activity and create an object of DataPopulator

Your page should look like this,


Now in every reffrence selectors apply an on change event to call a microflow which refreshes the NPE(You can use the same microflow, as it refreshes the NPE),

Your  microflow should look like this,


Now for the first reffrence selector,


Now, as the first refrrence selector is populated and on change is also set for it,

 Lets go to the second Reffrence selector and set it up as it will get populated with the selection of the first refference selector so selectable objects tab will also get involved,


Now lets see its selectable objects tab,

Lets see its microflow also,


The third refference selector will be set in exactly the same way, Lets see it’s microflow,


Now..Go make it!


Hi Rishabh,

Thanks for your reply,
Let me elaborate with a realistic example with the help of SS.


From the LIST1(Country List), if I am selecting/Hovering on India then the next list (State List) should be populated, and similarly so on.
(Assume I have created a list that is in a tree structure).

Could you please bit more elaborate on your solution here so I can implement it?