Universal File Viewer widget shows errors when previewing pdf documents in full page mode

The Universal File Viewer is a very solid widget, but we're having an issue displaying full page previews of PDF files. The messages in the preview are: File download failed! The file could not be found. These messages are followed by a broken image link. When we change the preview to be a pop-up instead of a full page, it does show the PDF document correctly. Has anyone else experienced this? Can this issue be resolved, as we'd prefer to not have to use a pop-up to preview pdf documents, and we'd prefer to not have to customize this widget to resolve this issue ourselves.   The below image shows a pdf document shown in a pop-up, which is working fine: The below image shows a full-page view of a   The following image shows a full-page preview of a pdf document, which shows errors:
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We actually did resolve this issue, and it was caused by our own document storage and display design. We use Amazon S3 for document storage and retrieval, and we were setting the document to "DeleteAfterDownload" = true on retrieving it from S3 to display it, which deleted the document before we could display it. We changed this setting to false and it resolved our issue. When doing a true download of a document, DeleteAfterDownload should be set to true, but not when the intention is to display it.