File Dropper Add-On Widget Constraints

Hi, I am working on a project which requires users to upload files using the File Dropper Add-On widget. I believe the microflow which I’m calling is being executed twice (when it is only supposed to be called once) because of some kind of constraint on the File Dropper.   Two questions:   Is there a maximum number of documents than can be uploaded? Is there a maximum total size of documents that can be uploaded?
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Hi Nicholas,

I currently started using the filedropper widget as well.
Could you perhaps include some more information about the error?
I got it to work with only the entity, name and relation to context set. It is important to place the widget in the right dataview (with the right source). 
You can set the maximum size and amount in the settings. 
Also you have to check if your filetype is allowed. You can set this with mimes:

For example, i could not upload a PDF there until i added application/pdf.

Hope i can help you with your issue!