Make multiple selections from an already created list

Hi there, On one page, import an Excel file to create a list. On another page, I want to select multiple items to use from the list I created. Thanks in advance. Kazuki Abe
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Hi Kazuki,


If you use a datagrid in Mendix, inside the property lane you have the option to multi-select or simple multi select. After that place a microflow button in the toolbar, this will take the selection as a list parameter.


Sorry for the lack of explanation.
What I want to do is to select multiple items from entity 1 imported from excel and tie them to entity 2 created on a separate creation page, as shown in the image below.
I wasn't sure what kind of logic to put in place in microflow to do this kind of processing.


Hi Kazuki Abe,
Approach  1: Create a Many to Many Association between Entity 1 and Entity 2. 

Now add a reference set Selector in Page of Entity A to select multiple entries at once.


From your Diagram, I can also Think of 1- many associations. 

Approach 2 : 
You can use a One-Many association between Entity A and Entity B – One Entity 2 object has many Entity 1 objects. 
The parent is Entity 1.
In this was you can use a Reference Selector form page of Entity A. 



Note: If you want to Multiselect you can use the first method.

           if a single Select is enough but Want the Achieve the data model explained above you can the second  Approach.