Widget Definition: Property Group with defined size and scroll bar

I have a pluggable widget with the corrseponding widget definition .xml   On one tab I have three sub propertyGroup elements and the content is pretty big. So the Configuration Window in Mendix Studio is to small for displaying all information.   I found, that in the mendix “Appearance” tab there is a group with scroll bar:       How can I achieve this in my custom propertyGroup? Is it possible to set a defined size for propertyGroup and display a scroll bar? And is there a documentation with all the possible configuration options?   <propertyGroup caption="Single Select" ??? Something like height="200px" ???> <property key="singleSelectRest" type="action" required="true"> <caption>Rest microflow</caption> <description>Microflow to be executed a Rest-Attribute is build.</description> </property> <property key="singleSelectSelectTag" type="action" required="true"> <caption>Select tag microflow</caption> <description>Microflow to be executed a tag is selected.</description> </property> <property key="singleSelectRemoveAllTags" type="action" required="true"> <caption>Remove all tags microflow</caption> <description>Microflow to be executed when all tags should be deleted. </description> </property> </propertyGroup>  
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