Reference selector not working?

Why is my reference selector not working? I go to test it in local and click on it but my mouse is replaced with a prohbited symbol when hovering over it and Im not to sure why. All access rules are fine and should be able to use it.      
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This could be an issue with the permissions you’ve setup in the app.

Maybe the dataview is set to readonly?

Maybe the project in the nested view is not available as Ronald stated?


Hi Reece,


Did you already found a solution for this? I have the same problem when trying to use the Reference selector, while the problem is not with view only or access rules. These are all set correctly, but still not editable.



UPDATE 9-12-2022: 


I have solved my problem with this issue. My problem was that there was also access rules needed for the 6 entities which where inherited from the enitity which was used on the page. Check entitiy which is used and if there are inheritance.