Add Filter using slider or Switch Widget

Hi Everyone   Need your expertise   how to add filters (its toggle)  and assign colors using slider or switch widgets    
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Hey Helen,

For achieving this, first, make an NPE and name its attributes the same as the filters you want, (eg. Name filter, etc) and make all of them boolean (default false),

Now Add a dataview above the Datagrid/listview where you want to show your data and set its source to microflow, 

in the microflow, add activity of Create object and create NPE object and return it.

Now, add all the switches you want as the toggle button for filters in the dataview, Now apply an on-change event on each toggle button to refresh the NPE object, and this will set the value of the toggle to true for the object,

Now place your listview in the dataview

If you have the filter created already apply a conditional visibility rule on each of them and show each filter on the base of the toggles that are set to true,

for example, if the Name filter is switched to true, the name filter should be visible,


If you want to know how to create custom filters also,

Here I have explained, how to achieve it.

Let me know if you face any issues,

Hope it helps!