Push Notification Widget Error when Running Local

(See the attached picture for screenshot of error) After updating an app from 9.16.1 to 9.18.2, I experienced an error while trying to run locally (see screenshot). I then went and uninstalled my project local copy and rebooted to see if that would resolve the issue, to no avail. As a last resort I went to my userlib folder and deleted duplicate dependencies for the files in there. After resynching my project and running the issue persists. Please advise me on how to best proceed.  
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Hi Jake,


Happy to help! Did you try and update the pushnotification widget first? You can do so by right pressing the widget and click ‘update widget’. Alternatively, you can download the widget from the appstore. Then the current version will be overwritten by the new one.


After updating the widget, try again. It might help to resolve this issue.


Hope this helps!