Data Grid 2 Objects Filtered By Button With Nanoflow

I have a data grid 2 that shows a list of forms.  I’d like to have two buttons on the page, “Active Forms” and “Completed Forms”.  When the active button is clicked, I would like the data grid to then only show the objects where “Is_Complete” = “false”.  The same concept will be used on the completed button, only this time it will filter the data grid to only show the objects where “Is_Complete” = “true”.   I have made the nanoflow successfully provide a list in each scenario, however, when I make the data source of the Data Grid 2 the nanoflow, it errors out.  Any ideas how to do this?  
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What error do you get?  Can you include a screen capture of the page in studio pro?  And maybe some details from the error you see in the Console in Studio Pro?