Unexpected result in Editability condition

Hello, I have an editability condition on a text field (case/caseId). It depends on a value of an associated object (status/name) that i select from a reference selector on the same page. I want to keep case/caseId always editable except for 2 status/name values (say 'A’ and 'B’) In the condition I simply say: status/name != 'A’ and status/name != 'B’. I also expect that empty reference selector keep the case/caseId editable since it is a value other than 'A’ or 'B’. But it is not the case. If I select any other value, field  is editable which means it works fine but with empty selection it becomes uneditable. I also tried adding condition as (status/name != 'A’ and status/name != 'B’) or status =empty and still no result.   Thanks in advance for you help  
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Your version will, when status = empty, run into an error at the attempt to retrieving status/name, since there is no status. Causing the rule to fail without any further validation, thus return false.

Reverse the order, so:

status = empty or (status/name != 'A' and status/name != 'B')

Now, if status is empty, this validation will evaluate the left part of the expression, find ‘true’ and not even look at the right part of the expression.


I wonder what you exactly have written in the editability constraint as in Mx 9.12.4 it is not possible to select the an attribute over association via the current object in a visibilty or visibilty constraint.

See this doamin model:

When you want to set the editability constraint on the CaseID field for this page:


this results in an error, so you must have written something else.


A solution could be to create an additional status name attribute on the Case entity, make sure this is set with an onchange of the reference selector and then set the editablity via the new attribute.


Hi Erwin, thanks for your answer. I have nested dataviews, outer is for case object and inner is for status object. In the inner dataview i have both object in context. (See image)