need help in making dynamic enum picker work

hi all   i have been trying to get the dynamic enum picker to work, i have setup a enumeration and then put it as an enumeration type inside a persistable entity.  i am able to select the enumeration “selection” but when i run the app, i always get the “no item found” instead of a dropdown filled with the items i added in the enumeration.  very strange…  i am using a list view container and then placed the dynamic enum picker insider, tried to use data view instead, but always get an error of “the selected page expects an object of type… which is not available here”.   not sure what to do, can anyone help?       thank you very much alan
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Hey Alan,
If you want to use a dataview, 
set its data source to microflow, and then, in the microflow, use a create activity and then return it.
Let me know if you face any issues.
Hope it helps!
Hey Alan,