Download widget Google Tag error

Hi, Does anyone else have problems downloading the google tag widget in Mendix studio? Mendix Marketplace - Google Tag Manager - Custom Page View I get an error: Widget xml file 'GoogleTagManager.xml' not found. After the error pop-up is says that the installation was sucsessful but I cant find the widget.   Kind regards Johan
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It’s a bug in the widget. I spoke to the author and he’ll aim to get a new version out next week.


In the meantime, you can fix it yourself:

  • find the widget mpk file in your project->widgets folder
  • change extension to .zip
  • extract
  • rename the file GoogleTagManager_PageViews.xml to GoogleTagManager.xml
  • rename to .mpk

Hey Eric – I’m also trying to use this widget.  The GoogleTagManager_PageViews.xml has been renamed.  Now I get an error saying that package.xml not found.  But it does exist in the same file.  

here it is though