Stop the auto behavior of Group Box

Hi Experts! I am using group box widget and it contains some data inside it and in the 'General' tab using collapsible property as 'Yes(start expanded)'it is working as expected. This time i have collapsed the group box using('-') button and navigating to some other page. Now, when i comes back to the same page where group box is being use, its behavior changes automatically from collapsed to expand state. How to stop the auto behavior of the group box.    
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Hi Raja,

I dont really think you can change this behaviour. If you want the system to remember the expanded state you could create something custom. For this you will have to:
Create a helper object with a boolean for the collapsing
Use the boolean to make the content visible or not

Save the state of this object, so that when you come back it will now if it should be collapsed or not.


Hi Raja. As Maarten already mentioned, this is not possible without adding some custom stuff. The group box doesn't ‘remember’ its state (collapsed/expanded) so when you navigate away from the page the group box widget is on, it falls back to its default settings you configured in Studio (Pro).