Search data, and display results in a Map widget

Hello all,   I am brand new to Mendix, and don’t have too much exposure to how it works – forgive me if this is a basic question.   I have imported some CSV data into a new Mendix app. It contains addresses, longitudes, and latitudes, as well as a various fields corresponding to those data points (demographic information, median income in that area, etc).    What I want to do is have a search function that allows me to search based on a location and/or a piece of demographic data, and show the results visually on a Map widget. However, I’m not really sure where I’d even start on this.    Your input and help is appreciated. Thanks all! 
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Hi Andrew,


Try to break up your functionality into smaller, single-purpose actions.  Make it work first for a responsive app, before creating an astonishing native mobile app. 


Are you able to search for the addresses? Do you need to search on the address only, or do you need to search using latlong too? Do you need a type-ahead function? etcetera etcetera.


The next steps could concentrate on getting a mark on a map, given latlong. or any other widget from the Marketplace.

Search the Academy for related topics. For example 


Don’t forget to check YouTube on the topics as well. 



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