Combination of check-box filters with list view text search

Hi,   I use some check-box filters to check for some flags in a list-view. In addition I use the text search functionality of the same list-view. When I search first for a text and then check any of the check-boxes, all filter criteria are considered. But when I first check any check-box and then enter a search text, only the search text is considered. To consider both filters I have to uncheck and check the check-box again.   How can I ensure that all filter criteria are considered independently of their activation order?   Regards, Arne
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I solved it now by a workaround:

  1. I created a new non-persistable object containing all search criteria (inclusive boolean values for my check-boxes and string values for my text filter)
  2. I created a data view for my search criteria object. (It is initialized by a microflow that creates the search criteria object with the default filter settings.)
  3. Inside of the data view a list view for my desired entity type is created.
  4. The list view is initialized by a microflow that takes the search criteria object and applies the filtering (see image below).
  5. On every change event of any search criteria attribute the search object is refreshed in client by a separate microflow.